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Our first virtual show!!

Shows and marketing are looking a little different this year as things out of our control have changed what our new normal is. With social distancing rules in place all shows, not just in our area but all over the country, have been canceled. This has created and online platform for shows, You create a video or picture your animal at all angles then submit to an online show for judges to evaluate. The pro side now we are competing against kids from all over the country and their animals, a pretty awesome thing when we don't travel to far from shows. The con not getting your animal off property to get acclimated to the ring and show atmosphere as well as the kids. Half of the fun of a show is the atmosphere created in the barn, watching kids who only see each other at shows form bonds that last years. Watching them work together to fit and show animals when someone needs help.

We entered 2 cow shows this week, The American and The Virtual Cattle Battle. Since we don't have tons of show pictures like usual here is the video Mia submitted for the two shows.

We will update regularly if we have any placings or judges comments. Keep an eye out next week for our entries with the goats!!

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