Teaching our kids to provide

Growing up with a family that raised animals, had gardens and took care of the land.  I feel it's important to share that with my kids. Teaching them how and where there food comes from is one of the best lessons learned on a farm. 



Welcome to our farm! Located in La Center Wa. just 25 minutes north of Portland Or. Our family of 6, Jamie, Corey, Cameron, Mia, Cash and Rhett all enjoy the outdoors and building our farm. 

We currently have boer goats, angus beef and seasonal produce. 

Our journey started about 10 years ago with a few "pet" wethers to clear some blackberries and be companions for the kids. Those 2 have turned into about 20 breeding age boer does and 3 bucks. We have both ABGA registered and commercial goats available. We participate in several ABGA sanctioned shows and the kids all have market projects. In 2019 Mia was awarded Overall Reserve Champion Market wether, and Champion Homegrown Market Wether at the Clark County Fair. As well as participating in the beef market project for the first year. Again in 2020 she has both market goats and a market steer. Cash will start next year as an official 4H member but gets to be a Cloverbud again this year.  Our main goal is to breed a hardy animal and help people to learn about the benefits of goat meat as a sustainable resource. 

Our dream became a reality in 2015 when we finished building on the property that Jamies family has farmed on for multiple generations. Keep an eye out for our featured animals and the 4H projects page to see what we are up to. 


With a passion for both gardening and canning there comes times where we have an abundance of produce. When those occasions arise we offer produce for sale off the farm. Depending on the year we have had farm shares in the past. These are a nice  way to sample produce you may not choose in the store as well as eggs and goat products.